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Non Governmental Organization

Other types of support

Donation is not the only way to help. There are a lot of ways to help us. Please see below the possible ways for supporting our Fund:

Charity box for donations at your company, trade point etc.
At different places in Yerevan (beauty salon, trade centers, shops, cafes etc.) you can find our charity boxes. This opportunity helps people to donate without any constraints and time loss. If you manage, work or own the public business, office, you can easily support us by putting our charity box at your facility. For more details please contact us: 055 131191 or [email protected]

Our banner at your website, blog etc.
You can install our banner at your website or blog. In this way you will help us to spread a word about our Fund to your clients, visitors etc. For more details please contact us: 055 131191 or [email protected]

Share your knowledge and skills
Mothers of Fund’s children are eager to get necessary information and knowledge for finding a job and starting earning money. You can share your knowledge and train for free our mothers, helping them to find their own path to professional career. Here are several popular and desired specialities among our mothers: cook, hairdresser, catering, dressmaker, makeup and tattoo specialist. For more details please contact us: 055 131191 or [email protected]

Support one of Fund’s families
To support and raise the kid with special needs demands big costs from family budget. Not every family can afford the costs that are needed for special treatment, shoes etc. To help these families please contact us: 055 131191 or [email protected]

Purchase and send diapers
A lot of children with CP should use diapers on everyday basis. We need diapers for different ages. Main part of Fund’s families need to buy diapers every day and this is one of their main daily expenditures. You can help the families by purchasing and sending diapers for children. Most demanded sizes are number 3,4 and 5.

You can bring diapers to rehabilitation center “Dream House”, Halabyan str. 59 or call us 055 131191.

Charity certificate as a present
Sometimes it is difficult for you as to a lot of people around you to choose right present for your friends, relatives. We suggest you to refuse from general and traditional presents and surprize people with real gift. Give as a present our charity certificate, which is a real chance to become a donor and supporter of kind projects. You can choose certificate for any amount of money, print it out or give as a present an electronic version of certificate by sending it via e-mail. In order to choose and give as a present a certificate, please call us 055 131191 or write an e-mail [email protected]

Become a volunteer
Volunteers of our Fund donate their time and skills. We need volunteers in different spheres: drivers, lawyers, translators, psychologist, logopeds, journalists, specialists in makeup etc. In order to become a volunteer, please fill in this form or apply by calling us 055 131191 or writing an e-mail [email protected]